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  • ▓Rhine.” This very feeling ●caused a certain amount of personal▓ity to be attached to the sword i
  • tsel●f.Thus, swords have had fanciful names, as C▓sar’s “Crocea Mors” (yell▓ow death), Cha
  • rlemagne’s “Joyeuse,” Mahomet 癔s “Al Battar” (the beater), Ali’s “Zulfa●gar,” and Kin
  • g Arthur’s “Excalib●ur.” In other cases they bore mottoes, such ▓as on the Scotch sword w
  • hich has— “At ▓Bannockburn I served the Bruce Of● which the Inglis had no ruse;〃埍 and an I






talian blade h

olin▓gen in Germany and Sahagun i▓n Spain were noted for sword bla●des, and the former is so still.Many of the e●arly makers take their names from the to●wn in which they worked or were born, as Alo▓nzo de Sahagun and Andrea di Ferrara did.


as on i▓t— “

● After the close of the Peninsular War, the ●usual rapid reduction of the nat●ional armed strength followe●d.Hardly had Wellington return▓ed to England than the Volunteer and Ye▓omanry Corps, as well as the milit●ia, were disembodied; but, for the first time,▓ there was a delay in the re●duction of the regular forces.▓ The prolonged war had still further, fo●r a time at least, caused the nation to for?/p>

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坓et its former prejudice against a standing ●army.It had got accustomed, at least, to● its existence, and on the civil life of the cou▓ntry was reflected the milita●ry glory won by its sons in fore

ign war.There ▓had been much almost personal antagoni▓sm to the pretensions and aggressions of F●rance, and this had led, more than anythi▓ng else perhaps, to the feeling that the ▓army was after a

  • Draw me not without cause, Sh▓eath me not
  • without honour. 癖 In other cases the mottoes ar▓e of a religious
  • cast as “In te Domine,” ●“There is no conqueror but
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